The Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filters in Your Home or Business

The Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filters in Your Home or Business

According to Energy Star, the number one reason for the breakdown of HVAC systems is dirty air filters. These filters are easy to buy, fairly inexpensive, simple for a layman to install and critical to the proper operation of a homeowner’s expensive heating and cooling unit. Yet many of us fail at the task of changing the air filter on a regular basis. The fact is that there are many benefits of regularly doing exactly that. Here are five of them.

Changing the filter extends the life of your HVAC unit. The filter prevents dirt, pollen, debris, dander, and other particle in the air from entering the system and causing damage to parts that might lead to the need for repairs. Be sure to turn off your unit before you replace the filter. Use a new, clean, undamaged filter and follow all directions to install it properly. There are many types of filters. Choose the correct size for your model with the MERV number of your choice. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value indicates the amount of filtration of which the filter is capable. The higher the number from one to twelve, the better the filtration is.

A unit with a clogged air filter has little to no air passing through. The motor works harder and it can even overheat. It is not operating efficiently and uses more energy with less success. Receiving you utility bill can become a big shock. Clean filters help the system run smoothly, use less energy and cost less in your utility bill. The Department of Energy states that regularly changing filters can produce utility cost savings of from five to fifteen percent each month.

If you regularly check your air filter’s condition you maintain a healthier air quality inside your home. This is particularly important for family members who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. Air pollutants just exacerbate their symptoms and make breathing more difficult. The cleaner the air is, the more comfortable your home will be for them. When pets are in the home, the whole family benefits from regular filter replacements because this reduces the presence of pet dander in the air.

Clean filters keep your HVAC system clean. If a filter is ever damp or shows evidence of mold, the system may have a condensation problem that can lead to severe health problems and a need to clean out ductwork and coils. Regular maintenance and filter replacements can prevent this problem from developing.

Finally, the greatest benefit to be obtained from changing your filter regularly is that it is an extremely inexpensive step to take to save a lot of money, extend the life of a major home system and improve your family’s indoor air quality. Change your filter every three months at a minimum. Every month is the best.